House Of Cards Season 3 Trailer Drops Moments After Kevin Spacey's Golden Globes Win

Moments after Kevin Spacey collected his first Golden Globe award for his performance as Francis Underwood in House of Cards, the official trailer for Season 3 aired on NBC during the commercial break. Perfect timing? We'd say so. Check it out below...

"You want to know what takes real courage? Holding it all together when the stakes are this high," Francis Underwood says, as intense music plays over the teaser for House of Cards, Season 3.

"We're murderers, Francis," Robin Wright's Claire Underwood says near the end of the spot. To which her husband responds, "We're survivors."

Tomato-tomahto? Let's ask Rick Grimes about that, since he's all about surviving these days.

Netflix delivered this excellently intense reminder that House of Cards' third season will arrive in full on the streaming video service next month during tonight's broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards on NBC. It can't be a coincidence that the spot aired not long after the Best Drama category was announced, and practically immediately following the Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama category happened. Assuming Netflix planned that deliberately, it was a vote of confidence for their series, and it paid off. House of Cards lost in the Best Drama category to Showtime's The Affair, but it won for Best Actor, thanks to Spacey's riveting performance as the power-hungry Francis Underwood.

Incidentally, The Affair also beat House of Cards (and Robin Wright) in the Best Actress comedy. If House of Cards had been shut out completely, the ad likely would've aired anyway (NBC's The Blacklist had a trailer that also aired after the drama categories were announced, after all). But perhaps Netflix would've found a humorous way to respond to the loss, much in the way they did when they missed at the Emmy's.

Netflix can celebrate Spacey's win, and we can celebrate the return of the series, and this new trailer, which shows off plenty of drama, as well as a funeral...


As well as some major moments of tension, like this on-camera handshake that might not be returned...

hand shake

And this grab-kiss...


Because, um...


The tension between Francis and Claire is one more reason to look forward to Season 3 of House of Cards...

Claire and Francis

If you're a House of Cards fan, you may want to clear your schedule of the weekend of February 27, as that's when Season 3 returns. Check out Netflix's 2015 premiere schedule here. And view the 2015 Golden Globe TV winners list here.

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