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House Series Finale Preview: Everybody Dies

The day is almost here: after 8 years, we’ll be saying goodbye to Dr. House and his long-suffering colleagues. Monday’s episode is called Everybody Dies, but it’s entirely under wraps just what that means. Does everybody actually die? Or is the episode’s title merely a philosophical one? With the clock counting down to the last episode of House, three preview clips show status quo at Princeton Plainsboro.

What we know about the upcoming series finale of House is that several past characters are set to make an appearance. That includes Jennifer Morrison (Cameron), Olivia Wilde (Thirteen), Amber Tamblyn (Masters) and even Kal Penn – yes, Kutner is making an appearance, apparently in ghost form since his character committed suicide years ago.

With all these return appearances, TVLine notes that the preview clips from the final episode don’t show a single one of them. That leads me to believe they’ll show up in a most unexpected way. Some of the hints that have been dropped at TVLine regarding the finale include that Chase and Cameron will share a scene and that Thirteen’s reappearance is in the form of an intervention of sorts.

House is not the sort of show to go out quietly; and no doubt they’ll make the most of their returning stars. Check out these finale preview clips – and get ready to say goodbye to the Princeton Plainsboro crew on Monday. Everybody Dies will be preceeded by a one-hour retrospective on the show, so be sure to tune it (or set that DVR) an hour earlier than normal.

First up, Dr. House puts his usual sarcastic spin on a Dead Poet's Society reference, and the team takes on their (last) new case.

The team takes on an enraged patient while Dr. House stands by and offers his calm opinion on the matter.

House and Foreman have a House-Cuddyesque chat...everything seems business as far.

The House series finale airs Monday, May 21 at 8/7c on Fox.