Housewives Desperate For Chris Carmack

I’ve always been of the opinion that Desperate Housewives really needs more fisticuffs, and now it appears I may get my wish. Chris Carmack, who spent most of The O.C.’s first season sparring with Seth and/or Ryan (before they all became besties), is coming to Wisteria Lane. According to TV Guide’s Ausiello Report, Carmack has signed on for a recurring role as Susan’s cousin Tim, who shows up to help her with her…taxes? I don’t know; maybe he brawls with Mike over whether or not rehab is a deductible expense.

Carmack seems to have completely graduated into adult roles, as the producers are also looking to cast a teenage version of Tim. Apparently, there is a traumatic event in his past that Tim witnessed that will play a part in his storyline. Since they can’t have him be a love interest for Julie and the perils of the 1040 only go so far, let’s hope that this traumatic event is sufficiently juicy.

Also, I have five bucks that says Eva Longoria is the first castmember who greets him on set with, “Welcome to Wisteria Lane, bitch!” She just seems like that kind of lady.