How The Big Bang Theory Cast Will React To Bernadette's Big News

There are some spoilers in this article regarding last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, along with this Thursday's big episode. If somehow you are behind on the big news, go ahead and check out one of our other super fascinating articles.

Much of Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory has focused on Amy and Sheldon’s relationship, but since that started to be less dramatic just before winter break, the writers of the CBS comedy have found another way to keep fans on the edge of their seats: Bernadette’s big baby news. As the first lady in the gang to be having a baby, it’s sure to be startling and exciting news for the rest of the cast. And in this week’s episode “The Positive Negative Reaction,” we finally know exactly how the gang is going to react to Bernadette’s big news. The answer is, well, busting into song. Here’s what CBS has to say about the upcoming episode:

When the gang finds out about Bernadette’s pregnancy, they celebrate by singing karaoke. Also, Bernadette is concerned when Wolowitz freaks out over her pregnancy announcement, and Wolowitz is convinced he must make more money to provide for the baby, on The Big Bang Theory.

Wolowitz and Bernadette have been married since the Season 5 finale of the Big Bang Theory, so they are definitely following the traditional, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage” route to happiness. However, although the audience is well aware that Bernadette is pregnant, at this point she hasn’t shared that fact with anyone but Valentino Wolowitz Rabbit, who came into their lives during the last episode. After a long day of saving the rabbit’s life and Howard freaking out about potentially contracting rabies, Bernadette decided it really wasn’t a great day to reveal her pregnancy, after all. Thus, we’ll be getting the huge reaction to the news during “The Positive Negative Reaction,” a title that is pretty self-explanatory once you consider there will be karaoke (fun) and Wolowitz freaking out (not so fun).

Showrunner Steve Molaro has already spoken out about the decision to make Bernadette pregnant, noting that the show had wanted to bring the topic up for a while now but hadn’t had time to shoehorn it in between the early marriage complications between Penny and Leonard and all of the Sheldon and Amy back and forth. He joked about how Bernadette might just tell the rabbit, and the creative team actually ended up being receptive to the idea.

We'll have to wait and see what other surprises the long-running network sitcom has in store. New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on CBS (opens in new tab). In addition, you can find out what else the networks have coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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