How The Flash's Man In The Iron Mask Is The Key To Zoom's Mysteries

The Flash spoilers are below.

Season 2 of The Flash has somehow offered up even more tantalizing mysteries than Season 1 did, and this next handful of episodes will presumably be full of clues and details that will have us pulling our hair out by the time the finale gets here. We’re desperate to know just who The Man in the Iron Mask is, as well as everything that hasn’t been revealed about Zoom yet. And now star Carlos Valdes has teased just how closely the masked man’s reveal will tie into Zoom’s story.

You don't understand why it's this person until you go into the story behind how this person got into the cell, why Zoom took them hostage and put them in the cell. You cannot make sense - there's no way of making sense of why that person is in the mask until it is explained. But I think that explanation is very satisfactory. It takes loops and turns, and it's a riveting story that makes sense within Zoom's chronology and his story and his motivations.

Carlos Valdes, who plays the quippy tech genius Cisco, also confirmed that by the time Season 2 is wrapped, all of the mysteries will be answered when it comes to Zoom’s origin and everything about his lair. Particularly the person who’s been kept in there ever since we found out about it.

These new hints truly have gotten me all reinvigorated about finding out who is under that mask in the finale, as it sounds like the creative team has really put some thought into who this person is and why this situation is happening. It’s not exactly a big surprise that his reveal will be connected to Zoom, considering that’s the only reason we know about him, but it’s still comforting to hear that the identity is so closely connected to Zoom’s main M.O. and how he has been shaped as a villain. Few things in fiction are more frustrating than a mystery getting solved only for it to offer up zero significance to the central plot, so I couldn’t be more hopeful that Valdes is being sincere.

The actor says he was “thrown for a loop” when he found out who was under the mask, and here’s how he describes the immediate aftermath to IGN.

The payoff after the unveiling of the mask as far as that character is concerned, there's this beautiful reveal. It's just a beautiful reveal. That's all I'm going to say.

Zoom’s reveal totally changed up everything we’d seen in the season thus far, especially about all things Jay Garrick. Will the same thing happen with the Man in the Iron Mask? I’m more ready to believe that now than ever. The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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