When The Flash Will Answer Its Biggest Mystery

While The Flash currently has Zoom as Barry Allen’s biggest antagonist, a Flash fan’s worst enemy is the agonizingly slow waits between episodes, especially when there are weeks at a time without anything new happening. But the wait will be worth it, as Hunter Zolomon’s Zoom will be explored a lot more in the coming weeks, and we’ll finally get to learn just what the hell is going on with that Man in the Mask that Zoom is holding captive. But we’ll sadly be waiting quite a while longer for that particular mystery’s answer. Here’s how actor Teddy Sears dropped the knowledge.

If you’d asked me this question last week — my answer still has to be the same because it’s just such a big reveal; we reveal it in the finale — I had no clue last week. I didn’t know who the guy was. I didn’t even have a clue. Well, of course, now I know because we’re shooting the finale and we’ll get to that stuff next week. All has been revealed to me. I don’t even know what to say because it’s such a fun thing to me being nice and vague and untouched. I can promise that it will be revealed and it will be quite satisfying.

Now, I’m of the point of view that waiting for a big reveal like that sucks, but nothing he said there did anything to water down my excitement about figuring out who that is under that weird mask. And I’m inclined to believe it’s indeed a much better choice to keep that reveal on the backburner until the finale. Work with me here.

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If this kind of a mystery had happened in the first half of Season 1, it would have been an interesting situation with a far more limited lineup of characters that could have been under there. But at this point in Season 2, we’ve met a ton of new people, visited an entire new world of doppelgängers, and saw the events from several different timelines. So now the list of potential “in the mask” candidates is huge, and there are still a handful of super-important episodes that will air before that finale gets here, which means another two or seven wild reveals will come out in the meantime, changing it up even further. If there’s any show that has earned the right to keep audiences guessing, it’s the show that keeps upping the number of possible solutions.

I could use a more energetic description for this masked man’s reveal than “quite satisfying,” but maybe Teddy Sears was keeping his true feelings calm for EW as not to break the Internet. After all, this guy is probably going to do some more heinous shit before Flash takes him down for good, in either this season or the next one, and he probably doesn’t want to attract too much attention, as not to get real-world vigilantes chasing after him. Sometimes I get actors mixed up with their characters, but it’s fine.

The Flash returns to The CW next Tuesday, April 19. For now, my guess for the masked man's identity is Supergirl.

Nick Venable
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