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Spoilers if you aren't caught up on How I Met Your Mother through Monday's Season 8 finale!

How I Met Your Mother has been known to tinker with its own timeline, occasionally flashing back, forward and sideways as lead character, Ted, tells his kids the lengthy tale about how he met their mother. While Ted still hasn't technically met "the mother," we finally got a good look at the titular character in the final moments of the eighth season finale. And now it's been confirmed that the final season of the series will slow down substantially to take place over the course of Barney and Robin's wedding weekend. It's kind of like a season of 24, except without the real-time clock ticking, and HIMYM's taking place over a couple of days rather than just one. And there's a wedding planned… which I think actually applied to Season 2 of 24. But enough about 24.

TVLine confirmed the news about the timeframe of the final season of HIMYM. A build-up to a wedding isn't exactly breaking new ground for a comedy series, especially when we factor tomorrow night's series finale of The Office, but squishing a whole season into one weekend is the kind of thing How I Met Your Mother would do and could probably do really well. CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler says the comedy will detail how each character will meet Cristin Milioti's character - Ted's future wife and mother to his children. What's more, everyone will meet her before Ted does, which sounds sort of perfect.

The big 'mother' reveal was an exciting one, and one great big tease to cap off a series of other teases from seasons' past. Factoring in this intriguing format, it seems likely that this will rejuvenate fans interest in the series as it draws to a close. A lot can happen in a weekend!

How I Met Your Mother isn't the only series showing up next season that's taking place over a short span of time. Yesterday, ABC showed us the trailer for Mixology, a comedy that takes place over the course of the night.

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