How I Met Your Mother Finale Almost Included Robin Sparkles

We may have been too busy reacting over the ending of How I Met Your Mother to notice that Robin Sparkles never made an appearance during the finale. Not that we were promised a drop-in from the Canadian pop star or anything, but wouldn't that have been amazing? Apparently, the cameo was planned but never made it to air. And there's photographic evidence to prove it!

Via MTV, HIMYM props master Dave Baker tweeted the following photos, the first of which shows Robin, dressed in her amazing acid washed denim jacket over her wedding gown on stage while an uncertain Tracy rocks out on the bass...

Baker's Tweet says the scene wasn't aired, but Robin was indeed singing her hit song "Let's Go To The Mall" at her own wedding.

And don't forget the robot!

Tuxed up robot for the win!

We can file these images under what-might-have-been, as there was no Robin Sparkles in the finale.

Baker's Tweets indicate that there were other scenes that didn't make it into the finale, some of which were related to unresolved questions like the pineapple, and "another great scene" that didn't air, related to Barney's #31, the unrevealed woman who birthed his child. I was actually thinking the reveal for that would be significant when the finale aired, and then they never showed her.

Baker's still answering prop-related questions about the series, including which stars took which props home...

But I'm still stuck on the fact that we never got to see Robin Sparkles performance at her wedding. In absence of that, let's revisit the original music video that started it all (including a "Slap Bet")!

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Kelly West
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