How Margaery Will Change In Game of Thrones Season 6, According To Natalie Dormer

Game of Thrones continues to do a bang up job of putting the show’s characters in the most ridiculously dangerous and tricky situations season after season. It continues to look like Season 6 will be a doozy for Margaery Tyrell. During Season 5, Margaery was imprisoned (along with her brother, Loras) by the Faith Militant for lying under oath in court while trying to protect her brother. Much like Cersei last season, the journey will not be easy for her. And, according to Margaery’s portrayer, Natalie Dormer, the character is about to change a lot.

Over the five years that I’ve played Margaery we’ve seen her in a lot of sticky situations, but she’s never been out of her depth. She’s always given the impression, at least, of being a step ahead. In Season 6, you see her genuinely fearful of how best to handle the situation. She is scared and uncertain. She starts to look unrecognizable in places.

Natalie Dormer spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what’s coming up for Margaery in Season 6, and revealed that the cunning charmer is going to continue to have one hell of a challenge ahead of her.

Enduring prison has got to feel like a true bit of torture for someone who’s had queendom ripped away from her three times now. Plus, a woman as well-versed in getting out of trouble and turning bad situations to her favor is going to be stunned at not being able to easily wiggle her way out of a tough spot. It’s hard to be a step ahead when you find yourself so far out of your depth. Political machinations and winning over the right men are Margaery’s strong suits; talking her way out of a literal moral prison was likely not a skill that was taught by Lady Olenna.

Game of Thrones is, possibly, at its best when it throws characters into situations where they can’t easily win, and the show has certainly done that with Margaery. As Season 6 gets underway, and probably through much of the season, she’ll have to contend with the High Sparrow and his jail keeper/shamer extraordinaire, Septa Unella. Margaery will need to bring all her powers of persuasion to bear in order to work her way out of this sticky wicket. And, even all her skill in that area might not be enough. Cersei tried to threaten her way out of prison and didn’t get anywhere until she confessed to one of the charges against her and dealt with that insane Walk of Atonement that almost made us feel bad for her (almost).

So, whether we’re ready for a “scared and uncertain” Margaery Tyrell or not, she’s coming our way in Season 6, when the new episodes start on HBO, Sunday, April 24.

Adrienne Jones
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