Game of Thrones has no shortage of characters, and even the occasional bloodbath isn’t enough to cull the ranks too much. Luckily, that plethora of personalities has meant that some fantastic and often unexpected dynamics have developed. Forming bonds doesn’t always work out in a world in which death is so random and ever-present, but those bonds can work as reprieves from some of the doom and gloom.

Now that Season 6 is upon us, the time has come to consider which characters must reunite sooner rather than later. Admittedly, some of these unfortunate folks are more likely to die by the end of the season than to reconnect with anyone, but anything is possible at this point. So, in honor of the upcoming premiere of Season 6, check out our list of ten reunions that we need to see on Game of Thrones.

Jaime and Brienne
Brienne And Jaime
Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister developed one of the most unexpected friendships of the entire series. When they met, Brienne was in the service of Catelyn Stark and Jaime was a captive whose sole purpose in life seemed to be to taunt everybody around him. They got into a brutal swordfight that ended in their capture by some seriously bad guys that chopped off Jaime's hand and assaulted Brienne. Then, they shared a bath and a bear pit and a bond that survived the return to King’s Landing. Brienne is presumably cleaning Stannis’ blood off Oathkeeper in the North and Jaime is en route to King’s Landing with his daughter’s corpse, so a reunion likely isn’t in their particularly near future. Still...Friends who bathe together stay together.

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