How NCIS Will Introduce Multiple Tony DiNozzos

It’s never easy to say goodbye to favorite characters on television, and the upcoming departure of Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo from NCIS is particularly painful considering how long he’s been around. Luckily, the show clearly isn’t looking to just winnow him out after thirteen years. Instead, NCIS will be giving us an overdose of sorts in an upcoming episode that will feature multiple characters going by the name Tony DiNozzo.

DiNozzo will fall victim to identity theft when multiple people use his credentials as a Special Agent to do dastardly deeds, according to TVLine. The fake DiNozzos will blackmail United States senators. Unless the real Tony DiNozzo and the rest of the team are able to stop the impersonators before they get too far, the risk of permanent damage to everything that the characters hold dear about their work is all too real. The episode will be fittingly titled "Charade." The additional DiNozzos will be played by Adam Mayfield and Ben Giroux.

There’s no saying how seriously NCIS will play the case of identity theft. While it’s a real issue that affects people everywhere and DiNozzo's credentials mean that a lot of havoc can be wreaked, the opportunity for shenanigans with not-so-close lookalikes may be too much of a temptation to pass up. NCIS may not exactly be a comedy, but there’s definitely humor to be mined with Agent DiNozzos who look nothing like Michael Weatherly. All in all, "Charade" will probably be a fun romp combining a certain degree of humor with the NCIS drama that has made this show such a watchable over the years.

"Charade" will air on April 6, so it’s not Weatherly’s ultimate swan song. There’s still a run of episodes left before we have to say goodbye to DiNozzo, although it will likely feel all-too brief once we’re faced with the reality of a future without Michael Weatherly as a show regular. Weatherly is departing the show on good terms with everybody; barring an unexpected death as the cause for his exit, we can always hope that Tony DiNozzo might return for an appearance or two. He'll even being staying on CBS for his new has acting gig. The door may be closing on Agent DiNozzo’s tenure as a regular on NCIS, but we have no reason to believe that the door will be locked forever. CBS gave the show a huge renewal order guaranteeing Seasons 14 and 15, so anything is really possible.

Fortunately, NCIS is already working to make sure that NCIS pushes forward as strongly as ever even after Weatherly leaves. Two new characters are being brought in, and the first has already been cast in Sarah Clarke. Hopefully, the new characters will help after we go cold turkey without DiNozzo. After all, a whole bunch of extra DiNozzos in "Charade" probably won’t make the sorrow of parting any sweeter.

To catch multiple DiNozzos in action on NCIS, be sure to tune in to "Charade" on April 6 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Laura Hurley
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