Is everybody still rocking a Thanksgiving leftover belly? Hopefully you and yours had a wonderful holiday and were reminded in part of the many men and women that suffered in those early days of America. Speaking of the olden days - because nothing says writing skills like a dull segue - let's jump right into this week's first historical lesson.

”vikings” Love watching muscular dudes dealing with family drama and dangerous and violent situations, but you want to see it all happening around the year 800 rather than in the present? That's what History's surprisingly solid period drama Vikings is for, and you can now catch up with Season 2 if you haven't already. This season sees Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) crossing paths with Donal Logue's King Horik and Thorbjørn Harr's Jarl Borg (sometimes for good and sometimes not)l as favors are asked and bridges are burned. It's only a 10-episode season, so there's no point in going into details. It's a solid and well-produced series that's better than the Game of Thrones comparisons that some have laid on it just because it takes place longer ago than the Victorian Age. History renewed Vikings for a third season when Season 2 was only midway through, so we can definitely expect to follow Ragnar's reign for at least another year.

Watch both seasons of Vikings on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

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