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The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson Gets Fired Up For SNL In New Promo

Josh Hutcherson’s arrival at Saturday Night Live has been timed perfectly, as the young actor is starring in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which arrives in theaters this weekend. It seems safe to assume that some nod to the sequel will be made during Saturday Night Live, whether it be the opening monologue, a sketch, or maybe a segment during “Weekend Update.”

The promo for this Saturday’s episode has Hutcherson teaming up with SNL player Bobby Moynihan to address everything from Hutcherson’s age (he’s 21!) to Moynihan’s own personal version of the Hunger Games, which apparently involves teasing Hutcherson with chicken, to fire. Hutchersan and Moynihan become the men on fire… until they blow each other out. We’re also reminded that the musical guest for the episode is HAIM, which apparently doesn’t rhyme with “aim” but rather, “time.” These are the things you can learn from a Saturday Night Live promo.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this year. Here’s a look at the Hunger Games sketch they did then:

Lady Gaga hosted last Saturday’s episode of SNL, pulling double duty as she also served as the musical guest. Hutcherson is currently as far as SNL has gotten scheduled so far in terms of hosts, and with Thanksgiving coming up next week, we can probably expect a rerun the Saturday afterward, but considering the sketch comedy series usually does at least one holiday-focused episode, I’m thinking we’ll hear some new hosting news in the near future for December.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.