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It's Happening: Matt Damon To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live

It's finally happening. After years of being humorously bumped from the show, Matt Damon is officially booked to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he will face off with his arch-enemy for better or worse. ABC announced today that Damon's appearance on the late night talk show will take place later this month and will be an epic throw down ten years in the making.

The good news just keeps pouring in for JKL today. We started the day with a video of Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell featured in a funny, bizarre knife-related sketch from last night's episode, and followed that up later on with some good ratings news. And now comes word that Damon is, at last, appearing as a guest on the talk show.

"May God help Damon if he dares show his stupid face," said Kimmel, clearly (not) as excited as we are that this is finally happening. By his tone, I'm guessing he's run out of ways to run out of time for Damon and we should expect the actual appearance.

Damon's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live will air Thursday, January 24 at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT.

Talk of the rivalry between Damon and Kimmel brings back memories of the musical videos both celebrities participated in a few years back, which were featured on Kimmel's show. The one below is actually Kimmel's response to the video Damon and Sarah Silverman did, in which Silverman announced that she's "f--king Matt Damon." Part of that song is featured before Jimmy introduces his celebrity-packed musical response ("I'm f--king Ben Affleck.")

Classic stuff, right there. And though I don't like to use this term loosely, I do think there's a good chance Damon's appearance on Kimmel will be epic. Anything can happen!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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