Jason Bateman Tweets From The Set Of Arrested Development

I can't even tell you how surreal and exciting it was to type that headline up there. Sure, we've known for a while now that Arrested Development was indeed rising from the ashes thanks to Netflix. We even knew that the show was due to start filming the new episodes very soon. Now Arrested Development actor Jason Bateman has tweeted a shot of Michael Cera, along with the short message, "My son, arriving yesterday." And for some reason…that makes this all feel more real.

Netflix will post all 10 new Arrested Development episodes at the same time, just as they did with their first original series, Lilyhammer (opens in new tab), earlier this year. I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled at the prospect of a new Arrested Development marathon.

It will also be fascinating to see how much of an audience the eps pull in, whether subscriptions increase specifically because of the AD eps, and so forth. I have a feeling the traditional networks are going to be watching this Development very closely, because very well could be a game-changer. And with more Netflix original shows coming from talents like David Fincher, Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, and Eli Roth.

The new Arrested Development tweet comes after several previous behind-the-scenes looks at the show as it winds up to give us the first new episodes since 2006. You can see the two earlier pictures below, the first tweeted by Bateman and the second by Ron Howard.