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Just yesterday, news broke that Lucy Punch was set to play the female lead in the FX pilot Powers. Today, we learn who will be starring opposite her in the procedural. Word is, Lost Boys star Jason Patric has been signed on for the male lead.

Powers is based on a graphic novel about detectives Deena Pilgrim (Lucy Punch) and Christian Walker (Patric), who work in a unit of the homicide department that deals with crimes committed by people with super powers, which are apparently a common thing in their reality. Deadline reports that Patric is set to play the role of Walker opposite Lucy Punch and that filming is set to begin this summer in Chicago. Patric’s recent film credits include The Losers and My Sister’s Keeper (a movie I thought was great and will most likely never, ever watch again). Patric was also in the Speed sequel, Cruise Control. I haven’t gotten around to seeing that one yet. Someday.

Back to Powers, it seems like the blending of the super-hero genre and police/crime procedurals is an up and coming trend on TV lately. NBC passed on Precinct 17, the Ronald D. Moore pilot about magic/supernatural-related crime investigations, opting to pick up fantasy/scifi procedural Grimm instead. And Syfy is set to premiere Alphas next month, which follows a group of super-people who team up to fight crime. I’m curious to see how Powers fits in among these other shows, should FX decide to run with it and it makes it to air.

To those of you who have read the graphic novel on which Powers is based, feel free to weigh in with your thoughts about the adaptation and whether or not you think Patric’s right for the role.

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