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To some, Jennifer Coolidge will always be Stifler’s mom. To others, she’s Paulette from Legally Blonde, or the rich woman from Best in Show. Soon, to CBS, she’s 2 Broke Girls’ new guest star.

2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, and follows two women who work at a diner and are trying to start out a cupcake business. While Dennings’ character Max is more street-wise and used to being broke, Beth’s Caroline is formerly wealthy and is still adjusting to life on a budget.

According to Deadline, Jennifer Coolidge has signed on to play a recurring role in CBS’ freshman comedy series 2 Broke Girls. Her character, which was created specifically for her, moves into the apartment building in Brooklyn where Caroline and Max live.

I consider myself a casual viewer of 2 Broke Girls, in that if it didn’t air immediately after How I Met Your Mother, I’m not sure I’d watch it. With that said, I’m often wary of shows that write in parts specifically for certain actors. Granted, my knowledge of the writing process of TV comedies is somewhat limited, but I like to think the writers have story ideas in mind and they bring actors in to fill roles, not the other way around. Either way, Coolidge is always funny, so 2 Broke Girls will likely be all the better with her around.

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