Jennifer Love Hewitt To Reprise Secret Prostitute Role In Lifetime Series The Client List

If you happened to catch the Lifetime movie The Client List last year, there’s plenty more where that come from. The TV movie, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt is being made into a series, which will star and be executive produced by the Ghost Whisperer star.

The Client List (the TV movie) followed Samantha Horton (Hewitt), a wife and mother who takes a job at a massage parlor, only to learn that the place is a front for a prostitution business. Rather than quitting, she stays on and begins earning money selling her body to the affluent patrons of the massage parlor. I haven’t actually seen it the film, but reading about the plot in further detail, it sounds like something out of Desperate Housewives, except with less humor and more cocaine.

Then again, maybe Weeds is the better comparison to make here. From what Deadline reports, it sounds like the show will have Hewitt’s character living a double-life, raising her family and being there for her husband in one, and surrounded by paying clients and “rowdy, sexy and unpredictable” women in the other. That falls in line with Weeds’ Nancy Botwin (circa Season 1 & 2), posing as the good widow and upper-middle-class suburban housewife, toting the marijuana she’s peddling in her designer bag. Hewitt in a Nancy Botwin-type role is probably the most intriguing thing about The Client List so far.

Lifetime ordered ten episodes of the series, which should air at some point in 2012. Lifetime is also buying stock in Hewitt herself, in the form of a first-look development deal for series and movies with the actress/producer’s production company Fedora Films.

Kelly West
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