Instead of jumping from television to films after Seinfeld’s iconic run ended, Jerry Seinfeld has been pretty much up for doing anything. He returned to the standup stage and presented at the Academy Awards, he made a kids movie about bees, and he even created viral commercials for American Express. Now, the comedian is heading to the Internet again, this time to promote a new online series rather than a credit card company.

While movies often go for the elongated title (See: Riding in Cars with Boys or Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb), TV and web shows generally go for fairly short and sweet headings. However, Seinfeld has a new web series in the works and the man has decided to go for length and alliteration in the title, instead. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is being produced by Seinfeld alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment’s web outlet, Crackle.

The latter have put up a full preview that does little to explain what will be happening on the show, other than showing Seinfeld driving around with different celebrities in vintage cars. For an even creepier preview, you can head to the show’s website, where Seinfeld gets to hang out with comedian Ricky Gervais for 18 creepy seconds.

There’s little news about the sort of show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will be, but The Wall Street Journal is reporting each webisode will feature a conversation between Seinfeld and another comedian, which makes me wonder if it will be a little like Steve Coogan’s The Trip. We will all be able to find out pretty soon--Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premieres on July 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

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