Jersey Shore Cast Debates Politics In Funny Or Die Video

For years, MTV has encouraged their viewers to get out there and vote, telling them to "fight for your rights," "rock the vote" and "choose or lose." Now the cast of Jersey Shore is getting in on the act. Through their Power of 12 campaign, MTV has teamed with Funny or Die to bring the cast of Jersey Shore for a bit of political discourse. Either that, or this is simply what happens when the Jersey Shore cast loses interest in GTL and decides to delve into their thoughts on politics and the election process as it pertains to individual votes.

Does your vote matter? The cast of Jersey Shore engages in this amusing and obviously scripted discussion on that subject, and the general apathetic attitude of young people when it comes to voting. Also, Snookie reminds us twice that she has a baby inside of her.

It's a valiant effort on the part of MTV, Funny or Die and the cast of Jersey Shore, and I think it works in bringing humor and entertainment to the subject of voting. MTV"s "Power of 12" campaign is said to target the Millennial generation, and what better way to do that than by grabbing their attention with the cast of the hugely popular reality TV show? (Jersey Shore is set to return for its sixth season this October.)

Learn more about MTV's Power of 12 campaign here.

Kelly West
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