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As though getting to go to Italy on MTV’s dime weren’t enough of a treat, the cast of Jersey Shore finished their salary negotiations and word is, they’re pulling in six figures… each… per episode.

Entertainment Weekly reported the news, stating, “Multiple sources close to the matter tell EW the deal has members of the “core group” now pulling down at least $100,000 per episode, especially once you factor in their bonus structure. (MTV had no comment.)”

I want to say that $100k is a ridiculous amount of money to be paid for being followed around by cameras but considering the popularity of the show, the increase in their salary seems relatively fair. And factoring in some of the things that happened last season (at least one arrest, public urination, emotional breakdowns, etc), six figures isn't entirely unreasonable considering the kinds of things they do (or allow to happen) on camera for an audience of millions.

Jersey Shore begins production in Italy in May.

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