Jersey Shore Preview: What Does DTF Mean?

What does “DTF” mean? Apparently, it's an abbreviation for “Down to F—k.” From the clip below from tomorrow night’s episode, it seems there are no shortage of girls that are “DTF,” visiting the JS house these days. Unfortunately, one of them is branded a “hippopotamus” and a “grenade” by The Situation and the guys have to figure out how to get her out of the way so they can get DTF-ing the other girls.

During the first season of Jersey Shore, I actually felt sorry for the girl branded a “grenade” by the JS housemates. I could only imagine how horrifying it must have been for her to see the episode. With that said, this is the second season and I think it’s fair to say that any girl that visits the JS house should know going into the house that she's running the risk of being the butt of the episode’s joke. From clip we have, it seems the chicken-cutlet chick isn’t the only girl made to look foolish this season.

I found myself cringing while watching the video below, which features Mike referring to a normal-sized girl as a “hippopotamus,” but really, I have only myself to blame for watching this show, which I will do despite my own better judgment when it airs tomorrow night.

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