3. Likelihood Of Staying On Air
The projections for Last Man Standing are good but not great. In Season 1, the show got off to a great start, thanks to a timeslot that fell earlier in the week and general interest in a new project from Allen. However, ABC moved its hit Season 1 comedy to Friday night this year, in order to pair it with Reba McEntire’s new vehicle, Malibu Country.

Ratings were initially strong for both programs on Friday night, but have faltered somewhat recently. Normally, I’d say a show with two seasons under its belt has a good shot of earning a third, but Friday night fodder can be tricky. Last Man Standing’s ratings wouldn’t beat many of ABC’s shows on another night, but for Friday, the show mostly holds its own against its competition on other networks. I’d say the show has a pretty good shot at getting renewed and with a little luck, maybe ABC will even move Last Man Standing to its old timeslot.

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