Jimmy Kimmel Live Mocks The Tonight Show's Jay Leno... Again

Jimmy Kimmel Live is the best late night show on television and definitely one of the best late night shows on the internet. Kimmel is one of only a few hosts - Jimmy Fallon, Conan and Jon Stewart being the others - that actually understands and makes great use of the endless potential of online audiences. In fact, ABC and the show have even made a couple bucks in the process by having one of the most active and engaging YouTube channels on the video platform. This week, one of the horribly out of touch hosts, Jay Leno, decided to take a shot at Kimmel on The Tonight Show and thanks to Kimmel's prolific uploads, we can relive his retaliation over and over.

Earlier this week, Jay Leno had a joke where he's wearing a fur made entirely out of celebrity toupees. He takes his pot shots at a few older celebs before turning the joke on his late-night rival, not only suggesting that Kimmel has a toupee but that he also dyes his hair. Now, I'm not a joke-writer or the host of the most historic and revered television programs but I do know what if you wear a toupee, you probably don't need hair dye. I think you just buy the fake hair in the color you want. So, not only is the joke unfunny, it's also completely non-sensical. Of course, Kimmel takes the opportunity to return fire two nights ago, and unlike Leno, he knows how to write and deliver a laugh.

The feud (is it a feud when one side dominates? Anyway...) between the two late night hosts probably began when Kimmel appeared on Leno's dying 10 O'Clock show to participate in the "10 at 10" segment. This incident occurred right after, well pretty much during, the whole Tonight Show controversy with Conan, and Kimmel absolutely pulverizes his unfunny, large-chinned counterpart. If you haven't seen it, well, watch... and you might start to love Jimmy as much as I do.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs every night at 12 a.m. ET on ABC.