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The upcoming planted NCIS: LA spinoff pilot has found a leading man. John Corbett has been cast to play a retired agent in the episode called "Red," which will serve to introduce the new potential series to viewers.

This is the second season in a row that John Corbett has been cast in a pilot for CBS. Last season he was on board for Widow Detective, which did not wind up going to series in the end. Hopefully this second attempt at a new project for the network will turn out a little more successfully.

Corbett will be playing Analyst Roy Quaid according to Deadline, a retired (and not by choice) NCIS Special Agent. He’s part of a group of agents who work together, moving back and forth across the country to help solve crimes. The “Red Team” as it’s called - hence the name of the episode that will serve as its planted pilot - is made up of a number of investigators, and Quaid is one of them; in fact, he’s the most experienced of them. Also cast for the potential spinoff are Edwin Hodge and NCIS: LA actor Miguel Ferrer who plans to cross over.

Corbett, who has recently been guest starring on Parenthood is best remembered for his roles on Northern Exposure and on Sex and the City. He also starred on the Showtime series United States of Tara, and has a couple of movies coming up as well.

The planted spinoff episode of NCIS: LA is expected to air sometime in April.

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