Joss Whedon Delivers More Buffy The Vampire Slayer... On A Napkin

Sometimes, when you put a wish out into the Tweetverse, it comes true. Such was the case for one Buffy the Vampire Slayer whose Tweet caught the attention of series creator Joss Whedon. They asked for more Buffy, Whedon delivered. Kind of. The Avengers director responded with this stick-figure illustration on a napkin, which offers of a bit of the best of Buffy...

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The drawing shows Buffy sporting "good fashion," yelling "Pun!" as she stakes a vampire guy, who's saying, "But I love U!" And it's all one big metaphor. We're guessing the vampire is Angel, judging by the hair. Either way, we're having a Season 2 flashback.

There are no Scoobies present, but maybe Whedon will offer us a sequel to this illustration that includes Willow, Xander and Giles.

Via EW, this Tweet exchange happened when Twitter user @ThoughtOtter "summoned" Whedon. Joss Whedon responded like any genie would...

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@ThoughtOtter requested a gift we could all share: More Buffy. And that's when Whedon shared the drawing. While it's not quite the "more Buffy" many of us would be cheering over -- a new limited series, TV movie, miniseries, web series, feature film (with Whedon and full cast involved, obviously)-- it's a great illustrated nod at the TV show we all came to know and love, which ended more than a decade ago and now lives on as a graphic novel.

On the movie side of things, Joss Whedon has The Avengers: Age of Ultron in the works. And when he's not making his own movies, he's watching other people's. Here's his clever response to the excellent -- seriously, rent it on demand or see it in theaters now -- Snowpiercer:

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Think Snowpierced will become a thing now?

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