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It seems Julie Benz is headed for a return to network television, at least for a few episodes as she’s set to appear in a recurring role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reported the news, stating that Benz will be playing the part of Debbie, a stripper with a degree in education. Susan apparently tries to help Debbie get out of the pole-dancing career and Debbie jumps at the chance.

Ausiello reported that she’ll be appearing in at least three episodes and fans can expect to those begin airing in February.

Dexter Season 4 spoiler below:

Known to Buffy/Angel fans as Angel’s sire, Darla or more recently as Dexter’s wife on Dexter it seems somewhat fitting that Benz find a place on Wisteria Lane, if only temporarily. While a role on DH might seem a bit tamer than playing a vampire or the wife of a serial killer, fans of the ABC series know that Wisteria Lane’s no stranger to violence. And, its likely that fans of Benz will be happy to see she wont be absent from the small screen for long, given how things ended for her character during the season finale of Dexter.

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