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Over at FX, Justified is gearing up for its final season. The fan-favorite drama will no doubt be missed after it ends its run, but fans of the show might find some consolation in a new drama project from Justified’s Ingrid Escajeda. If it moves forward over at CBS, the brand new drama will be set in the southernmost part of the country.

Escajeda’s new drama doesn’t even have a title, yet, so we know the project is still in the early stages. We do know a little bit about the premise, however. Apparently, Escajeda’s show will be set in a Texas suburb that is dealing with more problems than you would expect the average suburb to have. The show will focus on a prosecutor named Gaby Ortiz, who is known for her “defiant will,” so much so that she has been nicknamed “The Beast.” According to Deadline, she’ll be tasked with taking down the rampant crime rate in the area, following the disturbing death of the district attorney.

It sounds like a story with a pretty dense plot, which isn’t surprising for a person who has written for Justified, a show that often has multiple storylines that intertwine in unique and interesting ways. Escajeda’s work on Justified includes episodes in Season 3, 4 and 5, including one memorably convoluted episode in which Shelby figured out that Raylon was searching for Drew Thompson—a man Boyd was also on the lookout for. Along with writing a few episodes, he also has served as a supervising producer on the show.

Obviously, it will probably be some time before we hear whether or not Ingrid Escajeda’s project moves forward at CBS. In the meantime, however, there are still plenty of Justified episodes to look forward to. Justified was renewed for Season 6 way back in January of this year, and since then we’ve learned the show has signed on Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt for final season arcs. The new episodes are expected to hit the schedule in January of 2015.

Hopefully, once Justified ends, Escajeda’s new project will be well on its way to series. Although, since the crime-based drama is being set up at CBS, she will most certainly have a slew of already-airing crime shows as well as a slew of crime-oriented drama projects to compete with. Fingers crossed CBS will be able to justify the project, adding it to its fall lineup next year.

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