Kevin Bacon Thanks Fans After The Following Is Cancelled

It was just a few days ago that Fox made the difficult decision to cancel The Following. The Kevin Bacon-starrer is currently airing its third season, but the ratings have been down substantially from last year’s Season 2. In response to those shaky numbers, Fox unfortunately cancelled the drama. Over the weekend, Bacon took to social media to say some really nice things about The Following, thanking everyone who tuned in for the show.

The Following had a small but avid fanbase, meaning there were quite a few people who were devastated to learn the drama will not be returning at midseason this year. The good news is that the drama recently wrapped up the Joe Carroll/ Ryan Hardy cat-and-mouse game. The other good news is that there will be four more episodes airing before the end of the season, so fans can get their fix of the drama a few more times. Unfortunately, that will be the end of the line for the series, though. So, fans are going to need to get as much out of the last stretch as they can. After that, they'll only be able to cherish all of the crazy cult shenanigans memories the show has given fans over the years.

Bacon didn’t just have nice things to say about the fans. In a series of tweets, he also thanked the cast and crew for working tirelessly on the drama and giving him a great experience on network television as an actor.

Kevin Bacon isn’t the only celebrity that’s been thanking people following the cancellation of his or her show. Forever’s Ioan Gruffudd saw his series suffer the same fate late last week, and took to social media to talk about his experience on the show and to thank fans for their kindness and support in a touching tribute letter. Shows will come and go, but it’s good to know that they often have as lasting of an impact on those involved with the series as those who devoted hours and hours to watching the TV series.

While The Following is on its way out, you can find out what Fox has coming up this summer, as well as next season. Or you can start preemptively crossing your fingers that your next favorite show won't be cancelled long before its time.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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