Victory! Drama’s time to shine may be on the way. Word is, the Entourage side-kick is locked in for a big role in the CBS comedy pilot How to Be a Gentleman.

According to Deadline, Dillon has been added to the cast of How to be a Gentleman, a comedy series based on the book by the same name about two old high school buddies with differing personalities. David Hornsby plays Allan, an uptight guy taking tips from his friend Bert (Dillon), the more relaxed friend, though he has some boundary issues.

I could be picturing this wrong but, based on the character descriptions, I’m sort of seeing an updated Chandler and Joey dynamic in this buddy arrangement. We’ll have to see how it looks if it gets picked up for series. As far as I’m concerned, Dillon is the best part of Entourage and now that the series is wrapping up after its eighth season airs on HBO, it’d be great if he showed up on another series right away.

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