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Key And Peele Season 2 Returns Tonight: Luther Is Back

South Park isn't the only Comedy Central series returning with a new episode tonight! The second season of Key & Peele debuts tonight. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key's sketch comedy series made a splash in its first season, particularly with the funny sketches parodying President Obama and introducing his translator Luther. Check out the latest Obama/Luthor sketch, and also see Peele's take on a basketball player with a very bad suggestion.

First up is the Obama and Luther sketch. With election season coming up, I'm thinking Key and Peele will have no shortage of material to work with in these segments, and given how popular they are, that's a good thing! For those who haven't seen this bit before, Peele plays the calm and rational President Obama, while Key plays his translator Luther, a man who says everything Obama doesn't, just to make sure his point is coming across.

"Hey Mitt! 47% of the country called and they said you get to be president… of jack shit!"

Jordan Peele appeared on Conan this week and talked to O'Brien about getting to meet the president, who apparently told Peele that he did the best impression of him of anybody. During Peele's appearance on the TBS talk show, he presented this clip, which is based on Kevin Garnett's reaction to a big win.

"I can fly!!!!"

This is actually one of those sketches that gets even funnier with multiple viewings. And it makes me so happy that the show is returning.

Key & Peele returns tonight (Wednesday) at 10:30 p.m. after South Park on Comedy Central.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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