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It’s a proud day for Canadian comedy as Variety reports that the Kids in the Hall are reuniting for a new show. Hall-Kid Bruce McCulloch came up with the idea for Death Comes to Town, an eight-part comedy series about a small town struck by a murder spree, and the wackiness that ensues thereafter. McCulloch co-wrote the series with fellow Hall -mates Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson. And now that I look at all those names, what’s with all the Mcs? Must be something in the water up there. Something Scottish, presumably.

The show will air on the CBC in January. No word yet on if it will make its way south thereafter, but given the cult popularity of Kids in the Hall and Brain Candy, odds seem good that we Yanks will get to see it at some point. If not, there’s always the DVDs.