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If you’re competing on Dancing with the Stars, you would hope that the worst health issue you might have to deal with would be a pulled muscle. Unfortunately for one contestant, the health scare is significantly bigger than that. Last week, Kim Zolciak suffered a series of mini-strokes following the show. She’s now out of the hospital, and while most would want to rest up, Zolciak is not giving up on hopes that she’ll be able to continue dancing.

Zolciak gave a statement to E! News that focused on her desire to be able to return to the show.
I can't express enough how much I love dancing and this whole experience, and I hope this will not be the end of dancing.

Now that’s dedication. Most of the time, the dancers do a good job of at least looking like they’re having a good time. Apparently in Zolciak’s case, her emotions are legit. While her actual ability may leave a little something to be desired, that’s apparently not been a damper on her enjoyment of the experience. Exactly how driven does one have to be to want to go dancing following a stroke? It’s one thing to enjoy it, but it’s quite another to be focused on that above all other things.

As much as she may want to return, it’s tough to believe that she’ll actually be able to. While “mini” strokes can possibly be more terrifying than actually damaging, it’s usually the case that serious observation is needed to be sure that there aren’t any major underlying causes, or any major damage that’s not immediately visible. It’s been four days since the mini-strokes hit. Even though she may actually be perfectly capable physically to perform, it’s not likely that her doctors would want her to put herself through such activity, just in case. Pile on top of that the fact that she won’t been able to practice due to being in the hospital undergoing tests and being at home in recovery, and she’s probably not ready to perform anyway. This in itself would just set her up for additional injury.

Injuries are par for the course on Dancing with the Stars, as a number of both dancers and stars have had to bow out of the show due to getting physically hurt. Zolciak however may have taken the cake as the scariest moment in the history of the show, which is saying something considering everything that has happened to her took place off-screen.

We hope she’s able to perform, and by perform we mean both physically able and medically cleared to do so. Either way, Dancing with the Stars airs tonight on ABC.

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