Will Kirk Fogg Be In The Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie? Here's What We Know

Last week, we learned that Legends of the Hidden Temple will be returning to Nickelodeon, albeit with a huge twist. Instead of a game show, a scripted TV movie is going to be produced. Which begs the question: Will original game show host Kirk Fogg be involved? Now that the TV movie is moving forward, reports indicate that Nickelodeon is keen to bring originals like Kirk Fogg back. And, as a bonus, the nineties game show host may not be the only character from the Legends of the Hidden Temple universe the series may bring back.

Recently, producers on the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie reportedly reached out to Kirk Fogg to appear in the upcoming flick. Obviously, since this will be a scripted endeavor and not directly related to the game show, he won’t be playing himself in his original game show capacity. According to TMZ, Fogg has been asked to take part in the new movie, cameoing in a role that will "pay homage" to his nineties gig.

Fogg hasn’t been super famous since his years on the Nickelodeon sitcom, although he has continued to act. He popped up in the Veronica Mars pilot more than a decade ago, and wrote and directed a movie called Distortion back in 2006. Presumably, he should have time to cameo in the new Nickelodeon project should he have fond memories of his time on the show.

As for that other character we promised before? Reports indicate that Olmec—the giant Mayan head that spoke during the show’s original run—is also being scripted into the new movie. Other fan-favorite components are getting worked in, as well. We’re hoping Shrine of the Silver Monkey gets another day in the sun, not to mention the pit of despair.

In order to turn this game show into a TV movie, you would think some sort of adventure story would be in order, but currently it seems there is no script or timeline in place. Instead, ideas simply seem to have been bandied about in order to get the ball rolling for the project, which is coming together as part of Nickelodeon’s new programming slate. That slate also includes a documentary program hosted by Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton, not to mention another throwback TV project based on Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold also aired in the early nineties and will be returning as a TV movie, albeit a two-parter.

Obviously, each of these projects should be moving forward in the coming months and we’ll keep you posted along the way. In the meantime, Teen Nick currently has a Splat block, during which nineties favorite animated programs are re-aired. Learn more about that here.

Jessica Rawden
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