Holy Moly, Nickelodeon's New Nineties Block Is Wonderful

After teasing a huge nineties-oriented project, Nickelodeon recently revealed the network is unveiling a brand new programming block dedicated to the shows kids watched in the early nineties. Called The Splat, the new block will bring back a ton of old shows for kids of all ages. And now, we know exactly what that programming block will look like. The network said on Monday that they are putting together eight hours of programming featuring The Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and more.

As it turns out, there will actually be way more. The Splat programming block will air from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. (thank goodness for DVR). The Splat will feature goofy gimmicks, including Super Toy Runs, and weird marathons, along with plenty of standalone episodes for our favorite shows. So far, Nickelodeon says the programming block will feature the following shows:

All ThatAngry BeaversAre You Afraid of the Dark?CatDogClarissa Explains It AllHey Arnold!Hey DudeKenan & KelRen & StimpyLegends of the Hidden TempleRocko’s Modern LifeRugratsSalute Your ShortsThe Wild Thornberrys

If your personal favorite nineties show isn’t on that list at this point, don’t fret. The TeenNick block of programming is expected to add more shows in the future, so if you’re looking for Double Dare or The Adventures of Pete and Pete, there's a chance they’ll be there eventually. Along with all of the programs, there are also going to be aforementioned marathons. Here’s what has been scheduled so far:

First Time for Everything (week of Oct. 5) – first two episodes of fan-favorite animated and live-action series and game showsRugrats Reptar Takeover (week of Oct. 12) – best of Rugrats episodes featuring ReptarHey Arnold! Live from the Stoop (week of Oct. 19) – Stoop Kid-centric episodesNick or Treat (week of Oct. 26) – call-in event where lucky callers get 40 seconds to choose from six doors, collecting tricks and treats along the way, plus scary and spooky themed animation episodes.

Clearly, the network is already busy putting together special events for The Splat, and while I generally dig a more basic marathon format, I am very intrigued about how a Stoop Kid-centric Hey Arnold marathon will play out.

Currently, The Splat is set to kickoff on cable starting on Monday, October 5 on TeenNick starting at 10 p.m. ET. If you aren’t digging the whole nostalgia thing, here’s what else is coming to TV this fall.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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