We’ve only gotten a pokerface out of Lady Gaga, but word is coming out today the gratingly catchy pop queen is set to be the musical guest on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Yesterday, Cinema Blend writer Mack Rawden also discussed the rumor Justin Timberlake might be hosting the 36th season finale, which is set to air on May 21. If the duo ends up together, we’ll certainly have a pop-tastic episode.

Even if Timberlake doesn’t appear, a performance by Gaga so close to her new album release could be monumental. Since release dates were announced way back around the new year, and the single “Born This Way” dropped in February, it’s been quiet on the Gaga front for a bit. According to The New York Post, if Gaga does appear, the timing is perfect self-promotion. Her new album, also titled Born This Way will hit the market on May 23, just two days after the SNL airing.

Personally, I’m hoping a new “SNL Digital Short” might overshadow any avant-garde costuming or performance Lady Gaga might try to pull off. If that doesn’t work, perhaps this rumor will die. If all else fails, Bill Hader could always pull a Stefon.

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