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The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson has two comedies in the works at CBS that bring on board writers from some major hits of the past. Both are currently untitled multi-camera comedies, although one is an ensemble comedy and one is more of a family comedy.

Ferguson, who just signed a new deal to stay on as host of The Late Late Show through 2014 (a deal that gave him a new, bigger stage in the bargain), recently sold the two projects to CBS through his production company Green Mountain West, which Deadline is reporting is also working on some unscripted projects. It's not surprising that CBS would pick up Ferguson and Green Mountain West’s comedy projects, since the network does seem to its late night host quite a bit.

The first project has Friends writer Adam Chase on board to both write and executive produce. It focuses on a group of men in their 30s who are trying to avoid getting married and going down the path so many of their other friends have already tread. They make a pact to stay single for as long as they possibly can.

Comedy number two is a collaboration with Everybody Loves Raymond writer Aaron Shure, who will write and executive produce. This one is about a former party animal who has mended his ways and is now trying to take care of his new family, while having the improbably bad luck of living next to his ex-wife. You’d think he could just move, but then this would no longer be a potential comedy. Shure also worked on The New Adventures of Old Christine at CBS.

Ferguson, who seems to able to do just about everything, including publishing both non-fiction and fiction (and yes, I read Between the Bridge and the River, Ferguson’s very odd debut novel), will be executive producing on both projects.

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