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Over time, late night hosts develop relationships with certain guests who then pop up numerous times over the years. David Letterman has been in the game longer than most, and it makes sense that his laundry list of people he would want to interview on The Late Show before he retires would be longer than others. In fact, Letterman has special guests planned for his final 28 broadcasts on the air, a set of episodes which will commence tonight on CBS. His list includes comedians, actors, musicians and even zookeeper Jack Hanna. Oh, and Oprah, just because that's a have-to situation. You can check out the list of big names, below.
Alec Baldwin
George Clooney
Julia Roberts
Billy Crystal
Robert Downey, Jr.
Will Ferrell
Tina Fey
Michael J. Fox
Tom Hanks
Jack Hanna
Kevin James
Scarlett Johansson
Michael Keaton
Steve Martin
Bill Murray
Sarah Jessica Parker
Don Rickles
Ray Romano
Paul Rudd
Jerry Seinfeld
Martin Short
Howard Stern
John Travolta
Bruce Willis
Oprah Winfrey
Elvis Costello
Dave Matthews Band
John Mayer
Emmylou Harris
Norah Jones
The Avett Brothers and Brandi Carlile
Mumford and Sons
Tom Waits

The full list isn't available yet, which makes a lot of sense, considering we are still six weeks out from Letterman’s actual retirement. However, the list of people who are already confirmed to appear sometime over the next six weeks is pretty incredible. The big countdown will commence with a slew of big names who will pop up this week. Tonight, Sarah Jessica Parker is the big guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. Tomorrow, Billy Crystal will pop up, doubtless to promote his new FX series The Comedians. Wednesday, Michael J. Fox will appear. Thursday, Kevin James is the a-list guest on the show, and on Friday, Alec Baldwin will pop up for a chat with Letterman.

It’s also not surprising to see some of the other names on the list. Bill Murray has always been a favorite guest of Letterman’s. Tom Waits had a memorable interview with Letterman following the release of Swordfishtrombones back in the 1980s. While a few people on this list have big upcoming projects to promote (like Kevin James, who has Paul Blart 2 coming up), during his final weeks on the air, Letterman seems to be surrounding himself with the people he’s most enjoyed interviewing.

After 33 years, Letterman will be retiring from late night. The Late Show with David Letterman will finish out its run on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. In Letterman’s place, former The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert is expected to take over the timeslot later in 2015. In the meantime, don't forget to tune in to check out Letterman's last hurrah on the late night stage.

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