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It's a shame that Fox isn't airing the first episode of The Following for Halloween, especially since the supposedly super creepy pilot is not only ready but got such great reviews after a sneak peek at Comic-Con. Instead we'll have to wait months for Fox's serial killer series, with the debut of the well received return to slashers for Scream writer Kevin Williamson not airing until late January. Nothing says scary like January. But at least the network released a new trailer for The Folllowing in light of the horrific holiday, this time named after the most negatively connotative color... "Black." Take a look.

The preview is pretty much the same introductory assemblage of footage as the rest of the previous spots. I suppose the title, in addition to being the scariest shade, also comes from Fox using The Black Keys' "Little Black Submarine" to kick off the second half of the new spot. Whoa, double black! Too bad the song isn't at all the right tone for the show. Instead, I would have gone with The Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black." You know, if including the color in the title was a requirements. Just a thought.

The horror show stars Kevin Bacon as former FBI Agent Ryan Hardy who is brought back to work despite his alcohol problem when a former catch, literature professor slash murderer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) escapes from prison. But that's just the beginning for Carroll whose plans are much bigger including recruiting serial killing students to help him finish his masterpiece. Be sure to catch The Following premiere on Monday. January 21 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. Created by Williamson, the series stars Bacon, Purefoy and Natalie Zea.

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