Law & Order Criminal Intent's Courtney B. Vance Joins Revenge

While we have weeks to wait for the next new episode of Revenge, based on the juice tidbits we shared yesterday, the next two episodes will be worth the wait. The same might be said for the episode that follows, if you happen to be a fan of Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Courtney B. Vance. Word is, Vance is set to play a guest role in an upcoming episode of the ABC drama series.

Spoilers ahead!

Entertainment Weekly shared the news, stating that Vance, who has also appeared in ER and FlashForward, is set to play a guest starring role in ABC’s Revenge, beginning with Episode 16. That’s the hour that follows the greatly hyped engagement party featured in Episode 15 (airing February 15th).

Given what we know about the engagement party, which was teased in the series’ premiere, the murder on the beach is likely to play a huge part in where the story goes after the “Chaos” episode airs. So it seems fitting that Vance’s character will have something to do with the aftermath. According to EW:

He’s been tapped for four episodes and will play a loyal employee of the Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and described as someone “who gets caught up in a public scandal and romantic entanglement that Emily [Emily VanCamp] will leverage to further her agenda against Conrad and Victoria.” Where most see a new face around Southampton, the devilish Emily clearly sees a new target.

Scandal and romantic entanglements are what this series thrives on... and revenge, of course, so it sounds like Vance will prove to be especially useful in this series. EW says they can’t elaborate further on his character because of the upcoming big reveal (who-shot-who on the beach), which will be unveiled on February 15th. But his role is described as “smart, shocking and maybe just a little bit... legal?” So, is he someone’s defense attorney?

The next new episode of Revenge is titled "Perception" and airs February 8th.

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