Lex Luthor Knows How To Make Syfy Laugh

Syfy is continuing to embrace their new name's more expansive meaning by green-lighting a comedy pilot that isn't science fiction, though it does still have some connections. Created by Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum, the series stars him and Jonathan Silverman as two former sci-fi actors trying to get by now that their glory days are behind them.

That's really all we have to go one so far, but there's so much material that can be mined there, particularly if their science fiction series past was on the level of a Star Trek or other cult favorite. It reminds me in some ways of Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest, minus the real aliens part.

I don't know if comic book and sci-fi conventions will be a part of what this new project finds comedy in, but many former sci-fi actors work the con circuit for years and years after their shows have been off the air. It may not bring in the kind of money they were used to, but it's something.

Smallville fans might be worried that if Syfy picks up this series, Rosenbaum won't be available to return for Smallville's tenth season next year as Lex Luthor. Considering it is being widely considered as the really-we-mean-it-this-time final season for the pre-Superman series, Luthor has to make at least some kind of appearance. I would imagine, Rosenbaum would be willing to take the time to at least guest in a few episodes before Smallville wraps for good, though a full return to the series might prove more challenging.