Lily Rabe is returning to American Horror Story for Season 3. The actress has appeared in FX’s horrifying drama since the beginning, recurring as Nora Montgomery in Season 1 and Sister Mary Eunice in Season 2. With that knowledge in mind, it’s no surprise Rabe will be back next season.

If you remember last year’s flurry of American Horror Story news, you should also remember that details were kept fairly tight under wraps. The same holds true of Season 3 news, which means we don’t know exactly what sort of character Rabe will play during her next tenure at bat for the series. In usual fashion, showrunner Ryan Murphy announced the news via Twitter, also stating that he believes Rabe is “so talented.” Since the actress really stood out as Sister Mary Eunice in Season 2, hopefully next season's role will be equally important (at least).

Rabe joins a slew of cast members returning for Season 3, including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and, of course, Jessica Lange. Additionally, that isn’t the last we will probably hear about returning cast members. According to THR, some familiar faces fans haven’t seen since Season 1 may also appear. With Season 3 set to have a different feel and tone from prior seasons, incorporating a more “historical” plotline and a “great icon, I can’t wait for casting and other details to head this way.

Stay posted for more American Horrors Story coverage, as I’m sure there will be plenty of it. Oh, and if you haven’t caught up on this series already, I highly recommend it.

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