Lindelof And Cuse Tease Lost

Lindelof and Cuse have done a great job of keeping their cards close when it comes to what fans can expect in upcoming episodes of Lost. But apparently they were so releaved that the tsunami wave from the devastating Chile earthquake didn't impact their production at all that they leaked a few tidbits to

Since it's just random bits of information, we're going to go list style on these.

  • We probably will see Walt again. The only reason they had to write Malcolm David Kelley off was because he aged and grew too fast for their timeline.
  • Terry O'Quinn will return "playing a guy who we’re not going to see until the finale." Not sure what that means considering O'Quinn has been in virtually every episode already.
  • Vincent is coming back!
  • It's not Matthew Abbadon coming to the island, but someone is coming.
  • They're not done with Charlie yet.
  • Jack's baby mama is someone we've met before.
  • On what the cast is doing after the series wraps, O'Quinn said, "A whole bunch of the cast is working together again."

Finally, Lindelof says there's no need for a Lost-themed Disney ride. Here's his suggesetion: "Just put people in a black room, spin them around and punch them in the face and tell them ‘You just had the Lost experience.’"

[via Sci Fi Pulse]