Lindsay Lohan might not be back to toplining features yet, but she’s certainly taking baby steps in the right direction. On the same week the trailer broke for her documentary series on OWN, the starlet booked a guest starring role on the always popular 2 Broke Girls.

Lohan took to her official Twitter account to hype the news. You can check out the tweet in question below…

According to E! Online, the specifics of the episode will see Lohan play a bride named Claire who enlists Max and Caroline to take care of her wedding cake. Sounds like a win, right? Wrong. Apparently, Lohan will turn into a bridezilla who constantly asks for changes and basically turns the girls’ work lives into a living hell.

The episode in question will air on April 14th, which just so happens to be the first evening the show will take over for How I Met Your Mother in the Monday timeslot it has held for so many years in a row. There’s no reason to think 2 Broke Girls won’t continue that same success, but as with any timeslot, we’ll just have to wait and see.

At one point in time, Lohan was rapidly turning into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Mean Girls was a smash hit and the future looked really, really bright. Unfortunately, years of below-average movies and brushes with the law sourced her reputation and eventually booted her from the A-list. The trailer for her OWN reality show makes it very clear she realizes this is her last opportunity to get back in the public’s good graces. A guest starring spot on a popular television show like this should help.

Lohan might not be one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, but she’s a hell of a lot better than people give her credit for. She has a certain magnetism when she’s on screen. She’s able to own a scene and set a tone, and that’s why, despite all of her issues, we should still be rooting for her to crush this guesting spot out of the park.

For a reminder of the good old days, you can watch a clip from Mean Girls below…

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