Lindsay Lohan has been having trouble with her finances for months. Despite this, the 26-year-old star has turned down several offers from ABC’s popular reality competition series, Dancing with the Stars, to compete. Shockingly, it’s not because the star believes she is worth more money. Instead, she thinks she is too good for reality television.

This is coming from a chick who took around a million dollars to pose in Playboy Magazine, took charity from Charlie Sheen, and just did a movie about porn called The Canyons in order to pay some extra bills. To recap, fake porn and getting naked are peachy, but dancing your ass off is unrealistic. According to TMZ, the actress really, really doesn’t want to get involved with reality TV.

Anyone who read The New York Times’ The Canyons insider piece, should know Lohan is somewhat unreliable, and being forced to show up for numerous rehearsals, exercise hard, and then show up on time for live performances probably seems pretty daunting. However, DWTS seems to have heavily pursued the actress, offering her several different deals, eventually even saying the network would pay her $550,000. That’s a lot of moolah for a woman who still owes the Federal Government money in back taxes. Besides, I don’t know why she wouldn't be able to stick it out. I highly doubt the woman would make it more than a couple of weeks into the competition, but apparently that’s still a couple of weeks too long.

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