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Looks Like The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Already Casting

We’re still over a week away from seeing what The Walking Dead has in store for its characters in the remainder of Season 6, but it looks like steps are already being taken in getting Season 7 together. Though a production start won’t happen for months, we can already look forward to seeing actress Alicia Witt joining the rest of the survivors in some capacity. Here’s how she announced it.

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Now, it’s technically possible that Alicia Witt could show up on The Walking Dead in Season 6 somehow, but it’s not likely, considering all of the episodes have been filmed already. And it’s also possible she already filmed something for it, but her Twitter post says “joining,” which means she probably hasn’t done anything yet. So barring a soon-to-be-shot brief scene featuring just her character getting inserted into a later episode, we can probably expect to see her debut when the show comes back for Round 7 in October.


Of course, now we’re anxious to find out what character Witt will be playing. The rest of Season 6 will take us to the Hilltop Colony and possibly beyond, bringing in fan favorite comic characters such as the badass Paul “Jesus” Monroe and the sociopath Negan. This world-expansion will definitely bring in plenty of new faces, similar to Alexandria’s introduction, although no one from the comics strongly stands out as someone Witt might be playing. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, however.

The most obvious character for Alicia Witt to portray would be Tara, one of the only women within Negan’s army, The Saviors, along with Laura, who could be another possibility. Tara is an Asian-American, though, so maybe that would be a bad move, although both characters could be combined into one person. Witt could also play Amber or another one of Negan’s wives at The Sanctuary, though these characters arguably aren’t important enough for a known actress to play any one of them, unless the role was expanded for the TV show. And of course, there’s always the possibility that a male comic character will get gender-swapped, as was done to Deanna, or it might be a brand new character that no one knows anything about.

Alicia Witt, who made her big screen debut as a young girl in Dune, has largely been known more for her TV roles than film ones. Her first major gig was Cybill, which she followed with recurring roles on Ally McBeal, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Mentalist and Friday Night Lights. She was last seen in a big way on Justified Season 5 as the put-upon Wendy Crowe. Her upcoming part could be her biggest gig yet, assuming she lives long enough to make a difference.

Though we probably won’t see Witt on The Walking Dead for many months, we’re only ten days away from the show’s return on Sunday, February 14, on AMC. To see when everything else is debuting in the coming months, check out our midseason TV schedule.

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