Lost's Ken Leung And Jeananne Goossen Join NBC's After Hours Pilot

NBC’s new pilot, After Hours, is proving it takes all types of personalities to create a functioning Emergency Room. Eoin Macken and Freddy Rodriguez have already been added to the pilot—as an unorthodox doctor and the money guy, respectively—and now two more actors have joined the cast of the hourlong drama.

Today, Ken Leung and Jeananne Goossen have been added to After Hours as two of the other nighttime ER workers. According to Deadline, the actor will play, Topher, a flip-flop attired surgeon who formerly helped injured soldiers on the field of battle, which means he should be pretty hardened to the chaos of the emergency room. Leung is probably best known for his work in Lost, and since that show has ended, the man has found work via guest stints on Person of Interest and The Good Wife. However, if After Hours goes to series, it will be a legitimate co-starring role.

Unlike Topher, Goossen will have a whole lot less street cred in the ER. Though we currently don’t have a ton of information on her character, we do know she will be playing a “stylish” resident at the hospital. I wonder if that means she will favor the designer wardrobe that Hart of Dixie’s Dr. Zoe always practices in? Only time—and hopefully a series pick-up—will tell.

Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah are behind NBC’s medical-oriented pilot. TV Blend will keep you posted if the series nabs a pick-up.

Jessica Rawden
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