Years back, Jericho fans made an impression at CBS by sending nuts to the network in protest of the Eye's cancellation of the series, an effort that resulted in an additional series for the Skeet Ulrich-starring apocalyptic drama. Veronica Mars had less luck with the marshmallow campaign worked up by fans to show their support for the UPN-turned-CW drama, which met its demise after its third season. And now it looks like fans of MTV's I Just Want My Pants Back are using pants to get their show back.

MTV's comedy I Just Want My Pants Back started strong, with more than five million viewers tuning in for its pilot episode back in August of last year. But things didn't work out so well when the New York City-set show returned in February, and the numbers only seemed to get worse and worse for the show over the course of the winter. So it wasn't a huge surprise that MTV gave the series the axe this spring, but fans aren't taking it lightly. In fact, according to Deadline, they've protested the cancellation of the series. And to make their point clear, they've presented lots and lots of pants to the network's offices in New York and Los Angeles last week.

As shown in the photo above (courtesy of Deadline), that includes draping pants over the Viacom sign. From what's being reported, the producers are trying to find a new home for the series, talking to other networks and exploring possible streaming options, so all hope may not be lost. In the meantime, fans have made their feelings known, fittingly through pants. Whether or not their efforts prove to help the series remain to be seen, but it's always amusing to see passionate TV watchers finding an appropriate and humorous way to get their point across. Now, what'll they do with all of those pants?

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