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Mad Men Season 6 Premiere: Watch The Full Episode And Preview Next Sunday's 'The Collaborators'

Above is the full season premiere of Mad Men in all of its two-hours (plus some) glory. For those who have already seen it. Consider yourselves spoiler-warned for the above episode beyond this point! We also have the vague but intriguing looking preview for next Sunday night's episode, "The Collaborators." Watch that below:

In the grand tradition of Mad Men previews, the video above gives us almost nothing to go on in terms of the plot. These maddening previews seem to go out of their way to keep us in the dark, only giving us random snippets of dramatic and tension-filled scenes that don't offer enough to really speculate on beyond knowing that people will be having discussions about things. And stuff. Of course, it doesn't take much of an appetizer for fans to tune in to the acclaimed series, especially after last night's double-dose of a premiere.

As last night's premiere, "The Doorway," technically counts as two episodes, next Sunday night's "The Collaborators" counts as Episode 3 of the thirteen-episode sixth season. Season 6 opened with some interesting plot points, including an exploration of mortality, and a couple of interesting ad campaigns, a resort of Don and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and a Koss Super Bowl ad for Peggy over at her job. And then there's Betty and the issues she was having with Sally's friend Sandy, who took off to parts unknown and will hopefully not fall victim to the dangerous side of being a teen drifter in the '60s. Those are just few of the plots explored in the Season 6 premiere. Read our breakdown of the episode here.

And Katey goes into further detail with 5 big questions we're left with after the Season 6 open, including Don's interest in the subject of death, and the possible foreshadowing offered in the unnerving opening scene.

As for what "The Collaborators" will entail, hopefully will give us a bit more of Joan. The first two hours didn't give us much more of Christina Hendrick's character, beyond her looking gorgeous in that perfect suit and posing on the staircase for office pictures.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. Et on AMC.