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Whether you are a fan or not, NCIS is likely going to get renewed for another season. The veteran CBS drama has managed to sign a new contract with series lead Mark Harmon, making Season 11 not simply a possibility but a likelihood at the network.

According to Deadline, while details of the contract are currently being kept under wraps, Harmon is probably signed on for not one, but two, more seasons, should CBS decide to keep the show on air (and since the show is only improving in the ratings, I don’t see cancellation in the cards anytime soon). Additionally, the news outlet believes Harmon will earn a bigger salary with the new contract. Since the actor is also an executive producer on the show, it’s in his best interests to stick around.

If precedent holds true, NCIS will likely earn an early renewal at the network, and with good reason. Not only is Season 10 up 7% this year in the ratings, the show has hit several milestones, including beating Sunday Night Football as TV’s most-watched program. Additionally, just a couple of weeks ago, the series earned it’s second highest ratings ever, eventually pulling in over 25 million total viewers, if you count DVR. To put it another way, the show averages a little over 21 million viewers an episode. Even if NCIS lost a clear fourth of its audience, it would still be one of the highest rated shows on television. It’s not going anywhere.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.